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In classrooms where there is one teacher for over 30 students, it’s difficult to keep an actively watchful eye on everything that goes on. Students are left to be raised by their fellow classmates, with peer-pressure and the fear of being ostracized from the group persuading their actions. The social situation that school creates, is an environment which requires a student to be confident in their individuality and who they are, if they have a strong sense of individuality, they are less-likely to falter to pressure, or to believe the hateful things that other children say about them. At the same time however, the system continually asks “what do you want to be when you grow up?” – promoting the idea that you can’t already be satisfied with the unique individual that you are. The system instead of protecting and encouraging individuality, aims to strip it and induce conformity.

The number of anti-bullying campaigns continues to rise, yet bullying goes on and is getting creatively worse. They aim to rid schools and society of bullying, which is difficult to do when we are confronted by bullies every single day of our lives. The worst kind of bully, can be those who think they have a badge granting them the right to bully……..

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